maxy maxwell photography


I am not a man of writing words or composing editorial prattle.

I express myself much better through photography.

I see emotion, beauty, light, action, colour, shape, situations, etc, and I am there with my camera to capture those fleeting moments that will never repeat.

An unpretentious Devon Wedding Photographer who doesn't like talking about himself, but past clients have these comments to say this instead:


'The arty one.'

Yes, I am appreciative of light, small details, style, quality, design and taste.


'Quiet, unassuming & almost invisible much of the time. Think of a Ninja Photographer and you won't be far wrong!'

I work quickly and quietly, to be in the right place at the right time.


'A lovely, easy-going nature and relaxed approach leaves everyone feeling they have found a new friend - not just a great photographer.'

It's a privilege to work in a profession that gives so much enjoyment to myself AND my clients.


'A top class photographer that is chilled out and very professional. He calmed me down, made me laugh and looked after our wedding guests. Even the venue staff loved him.'

I would say that it definitely helps to have someone around, who has a wealth of experience of important occasions, to guide you through the day - as I almost certainly will.


'He is a true and very honest gentleman, he captures the most amazing moments.'

Always a gentleman.


'Maxy did our wedding shoot way back in 1994! He has a wealth of experience! Our images are second to none and still people love looking at them and comment on how amazing they are.'

It's very satisfying to see how my pictures are still valued after all these years. In 1994, I only had 16 years of experience!


'He really makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed, nothing is rushed - just a great relaxed day getting all the important shots - and he keeps everyone smiling!'

I believe that truly great photography is achieved with a sense of humour, great lighting, a keen eye for details, and a trusting/relaxed relationship between photographer and clients.